​​Team Works Football Academy (TWFA) includes positional skills and drills and competitive flag football within a 90 minute training block. TWFA is designed to prepare our players for the demands of their position while applying learned skills in a competitive game.

90min Football Academy :

Quarterback skills covered: 3 Step Drop, 5 Step Drop, Sprint Out, Drills to develop throwing on the run and in the Pocket, QB Footwork etc.

Receiver skills covered: 3 Yard Out, 5 Yard Slant, 5 Yard Hitch, Stance and Starts, Comebacks and Posts, Releases and Fades etc.

Lineman skills covered: Stance and Steps to Blocking, Pass & Run Protection, Reading Blocks, Technique and Gaps, Hand Accuracy and Positioning etc.

A Football and Water.
**Players must wear Sneakers, Cleats or Turf Shoes.  Bring Sneakers

Enrolling Now: AGES  8 - 13
WINTER ACADEMY - SUNDAYS, Feb 7 - March 7, 10:30AM-12PM

Deadline to enroll and pay 1/29/21

​Sibling & Group Discount is provided, please contact: teamworksports@gmail.com upon registration.

Team Works Football Academy

COVID-19 Refund Policy:

PRIOR TO THE START OF EACH SESSION, in the event our Academy is CANCELLED or disrupted by factors related to COVID-19 or outside of TW program's control, players will be refunded 100% of enrollment fee.  However, if 3 of the 5 weeks are played, the Academy will be considered complete. Players will be given a credit toward future academies.