"Do you offer speed and agility classes?" is a very common question we get.

The short answer is ... NO!

We do however train athletes of various ages to become faster, stronger, explosive and more resistant to injury. That may sound like semantics to some, but judging by many of the calls we've received, it really is completely different mindset. 

The cornerstone of our program is education! We pride ourselves on teaching athletes the importance of learning how to move safer and more efficiently. We accomplish this through a combination of designed protocol and assessments to discover weak links and movement deficiencies, elite level coaching, program design and ongoing video analysis of movement mechanics to gauge continued progress. And of course, constant interaction and feedback with our coaching staff. 

We are simply not your garden variety "speed and agility" program. If you're truly interested in our offering, we would be more than happy to discuss our program with you in great detail!

Class Description

Sport VELOCITY – Ages 9-13 and 14-18
Overseen by Nate Taylor, a doctor of physical therapy with a concentration in preventing injuries in athletes, and led by Team Works Performance Trainer, Clarence Curry, a former NFL and arena league football player, Sport VELOCITY focuses injury prevention and the development of linear speed, speed development, change of direction and agility in athletes. All classes are held at the Exeter Fieldhouse.

Bursting through the the line, beating the defense down the court or going from first to third on a routine single comes from being fast. And no athlete is ever satisfied with their current speed. Get faster with speed and performance training workouts from Team Works and discover secrets and techniques that will improve your performance immediately.