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Those who stay will become CHAMPIONS.

Class descriptions:

Sport VELOCITY – Ages 9-13 and 14-18
Overseen by Nate Taylor, a doctor of physical therapy with a concentration in preventing injuries in athletes, and led by Clarence Curry, a former NFL and arena league football player, VELOCITY focuses on the development of linear speed, speed development, change of direction and agility in athletes. All classes are held at the Exeter Fieldhouse.

Sport POWER – Ages 9-13 and 14-18
Developed by Nate Taylor, who is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and certified athletic trainer, POWER focuses on the development of strength and explosive power in athletes to elevate their game. All classes are held at Valhalla Health & Fitness.

CorePOWER/PowerFLOW – Ages 9-18 
Overseen by Nate Taylor, CorePOWER is led by Amy Sottosanti, a certified Pilates instructor, and focuses on developing athlete-specific core strength to maximize the transfer of power to the upper and lower body. PowerFLOW is led by Anthony Kocur, a certified yoga instructor, and focuses on developing strength, stamina, balance and flexibility in athletes, while providing inner focus to allow peak athletic performance. All classes are held at the Exeter Fieldhouse. 

Payment options:
Drop in: $20 per class
10-pack: $150 
Membership: $99/month (3 month minimum to start; membership runs monthly thereafter)


3 classes per week of Sport VELOCITY, Sport POWER and Core POWER/PowerFLOW.
Pre-season Sport-Specific Conditioning Camps.
Receive a basic membership to Valhalla Health & Fitness.

All-American Soccer Player, Shea Moyer (Penn State Women's Soccer) working on improving her change of direction and reaction time for her U18 US National Team Beep Test.

Notice: there is no wasted movement or time; when Shea's foot touches the line, she dips into the turn before pushing back away. Keeping her turn on the spot and straight rather than wasting time and energy performing wide U-turns.