Our ELITE Team Training is much more than lifting weights and conditioning. Our sports performance training program implements team training exercises and the most advanced principles in many areas, including hip biomechanics, single foot training, explosive movement training, speed and agility training, reactive core and balance training, and sport specific movement strength training. These components are involved in every training session and aid in more advanced athletic development (bigger, faster, stronger, quicker, more mentally strong athletes) while drastically reducing the risk of injuries specific to each sport.

Not only does every sports specific program develop elite athleticism and prevent injuries, but it also greatly helps team camaraderie and athletes who have been dealing with nagging or chronic problems that may be hindering them from their full development as an athlete. This is accomplished by incorporating aggressive rehabilitation protocols into an individual athletes training program, or at times, taking a step back and properly implementing an injury and sport specific rehab program to thoroughly eliminate the reoccurring cause of an athlete's injury.‚Äč

Team Works offers team training at our location OR at your school facility. Submit your inquiry below and we will get back to you ASAP. performance training 

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Why Team Works ELITE Team Training?

Team Works Sports Academy ELITE at the Exeter Fieldhouse is Berks County's premier sport specific student-athlete development program. Combined, we focus on advancing and developing athletes by preparing them for the demands their specific sport places on them, while focusing on sport specific injury prevention. Ultimately, our athletes are better conditioned, physically and mentally stronger, more explosive, and most importantly, at mush less risk for injury than teammates who have not participated in our training program! team training performance training