Team Works Football Academy is truly your one-stop-shop for your young footballer!

Team Works Football Academy (taxes included)

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ELITE QB/WR Academy Training, we unify speed, agility, personal fitness and corrective training techniques to create a program that works on all main elements of the game including skills, drills, technique, advice, strategies, and fitness, specifically designed to help develop each player's full potential and maximize their play. (Ages 9-15: $175/Player, Combo Flag & QB/WR Academy: $250)

Defensive and Offesensive Linemen need to be big, strong, powerful and athletic. We focus on the technique and instruction to master the skills, speed, quickness and body control required to have success at such an all-encompassing position. (Ages 9-15: $225/Player, Combo Flag & Lineman Academy: $250)

Our 6 week Football Academy includes options of Flag Football League, ELITE QB/WR Academy and ELITE Lineman Academy. Our hourly training sessions are jammed packed full of knowledge, experience, fun and intensity and instructed by our professional level coaches. With a strong focus on speed, agility, injury prevention and mastering football fundamentals, our Football Academy is proven to improve, sharpen, refine and strengthen your footballer's skills and confidence.

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Speed, Performance, Agility, Reactivity & Quickness

We maximize player's development by increasing player involvement & action!

We Build the Perfect Linemen

Team Works offers Flag Football Leagues in Exeter Fieldhouse and Sports Training Facility as a component of our Football Academy. 

Team Works Flag Football League has reshaped the win-at-all cost youth sports experience giving every kid the opportunity to learn, improve, and refine valuable skills they will use on and off the field. Our Flag Football League provides a progressive combination of speed, agility, skill, drills and game play focused on building our player's athletic foundation boosting confidence and self-esteem so that they may excel during their competitive season. (Ages 6-15: $175/Player)